Age of Ashes #67: Ike’s Final Chapter

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

Normal Person 2.0 remembers little of his traumatic imprisonment by Voz Lirayne. But he will never forget the friends he made along the way. (-GM)

17th of Gozran, 4720 AR

ike R.I.P.

As the party walks towards the stone golem, I have a weird feeling that we have done this before. Perhaps a powerful mage turned back time for some reason. But no matter what happened, they still need to kill this golem. Mike trips it a few times, making it super easy for the party to kill it. Suddenly, three ghastly bears and Voz Lirayne herself appear from around a corner and attack them. She casts black tentacles, but it is ineffective and traps nobody.

Mike continues tripping bears, but their rotten stench makes Laria Longroad sick. Voz makes mirror images of herself to become harder to hit. Slimerat then uses chain lightning, killing two of the bears…

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