Cross-platform Games & Where to Play Them?


Where was it Created?

Back in the day, any time a game was announced on multiple platforms I always thought, “Yeah, but which platform is it developed on/for? Because that’s where I want to play it.” If the game was being built on an Xbox, but also being released on PlayStation my thoughts were that the PlayStation version was just a port (and would have more problems). This isn’t necessarily true, it’s just what I believed at the time.

This way of thinking may have even stopped me from trying out certain games. This may be why I have always looked at “Console Exclusives” as a big deal, since they were being developed specifically for that platform.

Now that PlayStation 5 has the DualSense controller, I don’t want those functions to be an afterthought in my games. I want games where the developers have been thinking about how…

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