The Guild

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Isabella found the stories of the Knights of Valor leader, Raisa, to be inspirational, and perhaps an answer to her wish in the yearning to find others who shared her interest. But what were those besides murdering vampires because she herself was a vampire? It had to be conquest, winning, celebration. These were the themes that emitted from the KOV guild house on any random night. And oh, what a guild house. Here were the magical training beings, Isabella was sure they were elemental spirits, that accepted punishment on a daily basis to hone the skills of warriors and magi; here was the thriving marketplace with vendors selling all manner of powerful items, and there were the trunks of precious cargo stashed here and there, protected by the knights at all cost.

Lingering outside the guild house, she heard an animated discussion taking shape. Something about a challenger to the…

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