The Oaklans Cove Monoliths

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Oaklans Cove Monoliths
The Oaklans Cove Monoliths (300 dpi promotional)

The coast of Zochlostug is notoriously rough and set with cliffs between 40 and 150 feet tall – even the port of the capital is set on cliffs with the docks and piers lashed to the cliffsides and cargo and passengers brought up to the city through a series of caves both natural and constructed. Oaklans Cove is another small beach set into an overhang where the cliff tops are about fifty feet above the Zorisz. At the top of the cliff, set about 300 feet back, are a pair of massive grey stone monoliths, cut and smoothed, towering 60 feet above the small hill they sit upon. Not quite aligned with these two monoliths are a series of twelve smaller round pillars of the same grey stone that start at a cave on the small beach and extend out into the water.

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