Traveling in Dungeons & Dragons

The Nerdd

Your Dungeons & Dragons party accepts the quest from the King Drakeris, to go defeat the dragon in the Ironstill Mountains. There’s only one problem. The Ironstill Mountains are three days away by foot.

In D&D, there are considered to be three Pillars of Play; Combat, Social, and Exploration. We are very familiar with the combat, as most of the rules revolve that aspect, between Armor Class, Initiatives, Weapon Damage, etc. Then, we are fairly familiar with how to run the Social Pillar, with basic roleplay, which is enhanced by Persuasion, Intimidation, Insight, and more skills. Lastly, we have Exploration, which can often get overlooked and ignored, even though we have Survival and Nature skills.

In the olden days, playing D&D completely ignored the idea of exploration. Often times, the adventure would just jump from the town where you accepted the quest, to the front of the dungeon to start…

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