A Beginners Guide to Dragons

The Nerdd

Dragons have fascinated cultures around the world for centuries, and though there are lulls in their popularity here and there, in recent decades there seems to be another rise for the legendary mythical creature in pop culture.

The origins of the dragon are highly debated and every scholar seems to have their own theory. It seems the only agreed upon fact is that in Europe, China, the Americas, and even Australia had a version that came about independently from each other.

More popular theories consist of the myths stemming from actual animals such as crocodiles/alligators, lizards, snakes, whales, and even fossils from found dinosaur bones.

Of course there are other theories such as dragons actually existing at some point in history, that they were just a manifestation of humans fears for different predators, or that unknown entities in the sea or unexplored lands had terrifying creatures lurking beneath.

No matter…

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