Tomb of Annihilation #46: Dodging Death

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party freed the zorbo trickster god Obo’laka and descended to a second level of the tomb, where they defeated an undead mage working for the tomb. The mage’s journal spoke of the lich Acererak using a “Soulmonger” in the Tomb to channel souls from all over the world to feed the growth of an evil god who will ruin the world. (-GM) 

3rd of Flamerule (“Summertide”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

devil-faceOur party is stuck, so so stuck. We began by finding a plaque with a message on it. After lots of confusion and a bit of banging my head against the wall the riddle on the plaque eventually led us to a fountain. The fountain was a lie. (The party saw through the eyes of some creature in a room with a pentagram. -GM) Shortly after getting there, we were attacked by a guardian of sorts.

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