Boss Rush Banter: What if SEGA had Continued Making Consoles?

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Like a lot of the world, I never owned a SEGA console; I was always a Nintendo person, but I enjoyed playing SEGA games when I had a chance at friends’ houses or at my cousin’s place. But what if SEGA stayed in the console business? What would that gaming world look like today?

It is difficult to say as there are a lot of hypotheticals with this question. I assume in one alternate reality that if SEGA stayed in the game then Microsoft may have not entered the ring at all. This could have had two different side effects:

Side effect 1: SEGA would still be struggling in the console game market, and may have taken the Nintendo route, staying kid-friendly making it a Nintendo vs. Sony competition as SEGA would have been the weak link between the two, perhaps trying to change the game. This also would have…

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