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The Dawn Will Come: A Tearful Song in Dragon Age Inquisition

In the 2014 Game of the YearDragon Age: Inquisition, you play a hero who becomes the “Herald of Andraste,”, one who has become destined to lead an Inquisition against one of the largest demonic armies the world of Thedas has ever witnessed. The game’s world features many different races and classes, as well as religions and sects. All different, but are united for one common goal. I’ve referenced my feelings on the themes of this game in my article about my tattoos.

The story takes a dark turn in the opening few hours of the game. Your Inquisition army becomes overrun by a demonic horde, and you have no choice but to abandon your seemingly well-fortified village. Your army, and its civilians you cared for, are left wandering the dark and snowy mountain tops after causing an…

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