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The Darkling River works its way through the underdark beneath the grey hills to depths unknown. This is the twelfth mapped location along the Darkling River and the Darkling Lake beyond.

Heart of Darkling - The Darkling Galleries
The Darkling Galleries (300 dpi promotional, no commercial license)

Here the Darkling River twists and turns through a series of galleries – caves cut out by the river when it ran higher, making caverns with multiple columns where harder stone survived the erosion of the rest of the caverns. The galleries were once home to a pair of medusae, and later inhabitants moved the many petrified bodies around as decoration and warning to keep travellers from seeking their shores. A number of obvious adventurers stand here for eternity, with a look of shock or anger etched into their faces. Each statue is also maimed in case someone should have the bright idea of returning them to flesh – missing…

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