Hell’s Rebels #36 + 37: Puppet Masters

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

Tensions rise in Kintargo, with the civil war cutting off trade and the tieflings of the city blamed for taking scarce jobs, with the “Chelish Citizens Group” playing no small part in stoking up hatred. The party intervenes in an incipient race war by… waging war themselves. But every victory comes with a price… Narkwood tells their tale. –GM

19th of Erastus, 4715 AR

The Chelish Citizens Group demagogue, Dinter

This was taking longer than I had expected. Should I get another drink? But that would be an acknowledgement of the delay, a mental concession I was not willing to give. Better to be bored, than bored with another mouthful of that awful beer. So I sat back, and waited.

Shouting, a muffled cry of pain. I went outside to see what had caused the commotion. A gang of Chelish Citizen’s Group members had dragged a tiefling out of another…

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