Video Games and the Multi-Gen of Madness


Anytime we are early into the next generation of consoles there is always the discussion of whether new releases should be cross-gen or strictly next-gen. It’s likely that many of the early releases during a new console generation were developed for the past generation, and are being “scaled up” for the next-gen. Of course, there are always some first-party games that have been in development specifically for the upcoming generation.

I remember back when the Nintendo Switch came out and everyone was playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I had one friend who still hadn’t bought himself a Switch, so he played the game on the Wii U. I thought he was crazy. I owned a Wii U and I was still holding out for my Switch (which I found shortly after that).

This generation (PS5/Xbox Series X|S) is a little different though. In past generations…

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