Heart of Darkling – Gibberling Lake

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Heart of Darkling Series Header

As the Darkling River works its way through the underdark, it traverses the twists and turns of the Darkling Galleries, home to massive hordes of gibberlings who live around a nearby underground lake. This map connects directly to the Darkling Galleries map.

Heart of Darkling - Gibberling Lake
Heart of Darkling – Gibberling Lake (300dpi promotional, no commercial license)

Again, like the Darkling Galleries, this was once home to a pair of medusae, and thus there are a number of “statues” around the lake. However, the hard treatment of the gibberlings means few remain here, and most are in much worse shape than those in the galleries. The whole area is overrun by gibberlings, a horde of a hundred or so manic pale hunched humanoids – naked except for their weapons. While many live within the halls between the lake and the galleries, many more sleep and live directly on the shore of the lake which…

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