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The Nerdd

So I’m trying for a second time to go through and create a homebrew world for Dungeons & Dragons, and I’m feeling really good about this one.

In Dungeons & Dragons, you play as characters in a world, a fantastical one separate from our own. Now, many people use a premade world, one that is created by professionals from the company that makes D&D, most commonly Forgotten Realms, Eberron, or more. Some people just play in a generic setting, that isn’t necessarily complete, or even one that makes sense. This is how the game used to be played, and it was referred to as “Fantasyland,” where you come to a semi-generic town, each with a tavern, a general goods store, a blacksmith, a temple, a nearby wizards tower, and some wilderness full of danger, lairs, ruins, and more.

village, Jeon min seok | Fantasy village, Fantasy landscape, Fantasy town

The final setting, is one you create yourself from…

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