Should we be beholden to our gaming backlogs?

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It’s such a modern day phenomenon that we have so much entertainment at our disposal that there will never be enough time in our life to even make a dent in consuming it. And it’s one thing when stuff is out there to be accessed or purchased at a later date, but it’s another thing entirely if you’ve actually spent money to buy something you’ve yet to read, watch, or play.

Gaming backlogs have become so prominent because of all of the huge sales that digital platforms like GOG and Steam like to do. There’s a fleeting satisfaction of going on a cheap spending spree to pick up scads of titles, you know, to play later on. And then a backlog is born, growing from a half-dozen titles to a mountain of guilt bearing down on you.

But how do we get through our backlogs when we’re more comfortable playing…

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