Abomination Vaults #1: A Glow in the Night

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In the small seaside town of Otari, in the Isle of Kortos, the local occultist Wrin Sivinxi calls for adventurers. One of them is Beldon Heartsbane, a strange local gnome with clammy skin who normally keeps to himself, until now. He begins their story. –GM

14th of Sarenith, 4721 AR

Beldon Heartsbane

I have met with some new people who have come to Otari. They are all very interesting, and we plan on going adventuring together.

There is Trahz Gorlock, a tyrant of Zon Kuthon, an evil god. There is Leneth Lentrow, a canceled celebrity who was canceled for giving people bad products. There is a former crime lord, Nythardra, who was cursed by a witch and is now seeking her former glory. There is a sorcerer, Quincy, who I don’t know much about. There is also Varlin Reclus, an investigator traveling with us who is…

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