The Agate Gate

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Agate Gate (300 dpi promotional)

A small temple of Avánthe along the Rananga River stands almost solitary about a tsán (1.33 km) away from the nearby Sakbe road. Run by The Girdle of Purity Society, mostly members of the Standing Pinnacle clan, this small temple is dedicated to Kshésa, Avánthe’s aspect as “the knower of cycles” and is a heavy stone-block affair around a pair of shrines to Avánthe and Kshésa that are thick with incense and the smell of fresh fruit sacrifices. A secret door in the shrine opens to a stairway heading to a much older construction.

The Agate Gate (1200 dpi)
The Agate Gate (1200 dpi)

Most of the substructure dates back to the late Bednálljan era, and was built up around a cross-dimensional nexus point that has been stabilized into an agate archway some 30 feet across from inner edge to inner edge. The substructures can be broken up into…

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