The Death of the Zen Archer

The Order of Syncletica

With Update 49, the major changes in bow feats and power brought a sudden hiatus to my love of archery.

None of my Zen Archers have a true monastic connection now.

I know Standing Stone Game’s devs are hard at work at reducing lag while keeping performance and weapon effectiveness going. Early in U49 development I put in my two cents on the forum threads on not screwing with the Ten Thousand Stars feat (commonly used by “monkchers” to add a 2nd classic Manyshot option) by at leaving that feat effectively unchanged for Monks and for the use of stars.

I got my request. Ten Thousand Stars still does what it has for shuriken.

But TTS no longer works at all for bows.

This broke the effective use of bows for my Zen Archers, which were all single-class Monks.

That doesn’t mean I couldn’t play any of them. Far from…

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