Hell’s Rebels #38: Night of Flame, Pool of Blood

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

While most of the party dealt with the Chelish Citizens Group leadership and Narkwood gave his life, Malcolm was in “The Devil’s Nursery” helping tieflings prepare for possible reprisals from the Chelish or the government. –GM

22nd of Erastus, 4715 AR

During my extended time managing the rebellion, I found a new member to join our merry band, after the disastrous loss of Narkwood that I had heard many tales about.  His name was Nilver, and I was hopeful that he would be a good fit.  We barely were able to exchange pleasantries when we immediately had to jump into action and rejoin with the the party.  A fire had broken out in the Devil’s Nursery.  

As we headed over, we debated what to do. We didn’t think we could help put out the fire directly: there were too many Hellknights already helping that could recognize us. We had…

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