Abomination Vaults #2: The Heroics of Trahz Gorlock, Pt. 2

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The self-proclaimed leader of the group, Trahz Gorlock, and his assistants continue to explore Gauntlight Keep to investigate the strange blue light in its lighthouse. –GM

14th of Sarenith, 4721 AR

The Indomitable Trahz Gorlock

We find a dead kobold washed up on the riverbanks. Varlan Reclus and BeldonHeartsbane step over to investigate the kobold, finding small pieces of metal that look like the pieces of a trap, along with with a gem worth six gold pieces which will be unevenly distributed amongst the party, with only one piece going to the great TrahzGorlock rather than the six he deserves. Leneth Lentrow flips over, opening the keep’s door. This angers the indomitable TrahzGorlock, since Leneth is not a true warrior like the mighty Trahz Gorlock. He breaks open the door, revealing another room.

Here, there are five mitflits and a large maggot, who are…

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