Shattered Star #41: Following the Entrail Trail

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party confronts the rogue golem crafter and rescues the kidnapped troll. Things do not fare well for our heroes, however, and it is time to say goodbye… –GM

9th of Erastus, 4712 AR


Our resources were too exhausted to deal with Berkanin himself today, so we decided to leave the manor and recuperate. In the morning, we approached the entrance once more. From the outside, it appeared as if Berkanin had not taken any additional precautions to defend against us. Perhaps he was obsessively working in his laboratory, unable to spare any attention towards intruders? Sadly, this proved to be quite untrue.

The second we stepped into the doorway, a massive cloaker dropped from the ceiling and attached itself to White Fang. We attacked it to the best of our ability, but it was very difficult to damage the cloaker without damaging White Fang. But then the cloaker became…

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