Mercer’s Exandria Unlimited Character Taps New Best Spellcaster Race


Matt Mercer is playing a Mountain Dwarf Divine Soul Sorcerer in Exandria Unlimited, the latest series from the folks at Critical Role. Having ceded the DM’s chair to Aabria Iyengar for this series, Matt finds himself in the player’s seat with a very clever mechanical build.

The key tech to this build is the Mountain Dwarf. Matt is not shy about his feelings on Dwarf PCs:

Why Mountain Dwarf?

With the feature-swapping rules in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Mountain Dwarf took the lead as the best race for spellcasting classes.

Tasha’s Tweaks

Specifically, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything released rules that allowed players to swap out a number of racial features. You can change ability score increases to a new score, and you can swap skill, armor, weapon, tool, and language proficiencies (with some limitations):


Dwarves always had a solid base, only improved by the rules adjustments. Their…

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