Abomination Vaults #3: Stirrings in Otari

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

When we last left our heroes, they were fighting morlocks, feral goblin-like creatures with huge eyes. Their story is told today by Nythardra, the party witch who was cursed after once running a crime syndicate in the City of Absalom. In this chapter, the party discovers that there is an upcoming election for mayor… –GM

15th of Sarenith, 4721 AR


We are in the middle of a battle. So far, there have been few casualties on our side, but our opponents are tough. A great stronghold of a lighthouse looms around us, dim light making eerie shadows flicker on the aged stone walls.

Blue goblin creatures haunt my mind, their pointy ears sticking out of their grotesque faces while their jagged teeth clench in anger.

I am now unconscious. A cruel blow knocked me out not long ago.

My mind swims with shapes and colors while sounds of cackling…

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