5 Great 3rd Party D&D Books

The Nerdd

Dungeons & Dragons has books published throughout the year, some with new settings, some have new adventures, and others have new rules. These are great resources for your game, and because they come from the source, you know that it will have a level of fluidity with the current rules, as well as a level of quality that can be expected.

However, D&D, being such a homebrew friendly game, also has an amazing community of creators that want to bring new ideas to this game that we love. If you are unfamiliar with any 3rd Party D&D sourcebooks, the first thing I would suggest is to go check out Dungeon Masters Guild (dmsguild.com) and just peruse their offerings. You can create a book regarding D&D, and put it up on the site, choose your price, and anyone can check it out, give you feedback, and you can begin to grow…

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