Top 10 Things Missing From The Nintendo Switch

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We all know naming systems isn’t Nintendo’s strong suit (I’m looking at you 3DS). What also is not their strong suit is listening to their fanbase. Recently, Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Switch model officially called the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). For months, fans have been clamoring over the rumors that an upgraded Nintendo Switch model was in the works, with a bevy of hardware and quality of life upgrades. Much to the dismay of Nintendo fans everywhere, the upgrade–isn’t much to write home about. 

What we got is an OLED screen, which improves the definition quality in handheld mode, a bigger kickstand, a LAN plug, and 64 GB of internal storage space. 

Not what was expected, but it’s what we get. Nintendo, without a doubt, makes great systems and great games; however with the recent Nintendo Switch system, there’s quite a few omissions to the hardware and software that…

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