LOTRO and nostalgia gaming in 2021


I think I’m immune to the pull of nostalgia in gaming, or have grown largely to be. I logged on to the Lord of the Rings Online Treebeard ‘slow’ progression server and created a new human Loremaster to play through the Archet starter zone. I’ve played a couple of sessions and find myself increasingly drawn to just go back to my stable of established characters on Laurelin.

The slower levelling gameplay and odd quest that has been restored is enjoyable to see, but there are many little things that remind me that I have well-played characters still waiting to be brought back to life. Specific quests that remind me of playing an older character, finding items that I have already on the same, and all the many things that I’ve already unlocked yet on this server and character remain still unavailable.

The only nostalgia gaming trip that has lasted any…

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