“Too Much Gold”


So, it happened. The party has slain the dragon. Its horde is theirs for the taking. Now what?

If you’ve ever run the numbers on a gold pile that’s large enough for a dragon bed, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a game-breaking amount of currency. Indeed, it trivializes many of the challenges that a party has faced in getting there.

While this takes us out of D&D’s standard kill-and-loot gameplay loop, it presents opportunities for different and sometimes weirder gameplay. If you’re happy to indulge the players after they slay the big bad dragon, here’s some ideas to keep their flushed characters challenged.

More Money, More Problems

Once the players have laid claim to a horde, their problems have only begun.

Mining. Perhaps the gold isn’t in coin form. It could be a molten pool of golden magma (great setting for a red dragon encounter), or still attached to the…

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