The Five Most Underwhelming Power Ups in NES Games

3rd World Geeks

In most old-school video games, it’s basically you (and maybe a second player) against the hordes of evil. And most of the time, you start out severely underpowered in trying to overcome those odds. This is especially true on games that came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fortunately, during your journey, you do come across better and more powerful abilities to try to even things out. It may come in the form of a better weapon or a useful new ability. Whatever the case may be, these power ups were usually a welcome sight in those good old NES games.

Unfortunately, there are going to be exceptions to this rule. Some of these so-called power ups are simply not up to snuff, have more weaknesses that counter their effectiveness or, at the very least, rendered virtually useless because of much better ones that are in there.

Oh, and by…

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