Nintendo Switch Has Outsold Lifetime Sales of PS3

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Nintendo sold 375,106 Switch consoles week ending June 19, which brings the lifetimes sales of the Switch to 87.43 million units. These numbers are the combined sales of the Switch and the Switch Lite.

Nintendo’s hybrid console has now surpassed the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 at 87.40 million; the PlayStation had an 8.5 year lifespan compared to the Switch’s current 4. These totals bring the Nintendo Switch up to the 7th best selling console of all time. Next in line is the Nintendo Wii at 101.63 million units. The Nintendo Wii had a lifespan of just under 7 years, launching on December 2, 2006 (JP) and finally discontinuing on October 20, 2013 (JP).

Here’s the new top ten selling consoles of all time:

  1. PlayStation 2 (Sony – 2000) – 155 million
  2. Nintendo DS (Nintendo – 2004) – 154.02 million
  3. GameBoy and GameBoy Color (Nintendo – 1989, 1998) –…

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