The Steam Deck Is One Of The Most Exciting Things To Have Happened In Video Games In Years

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Nintendo dominate the hand-held market. While they technically do fight Microsoft and Sony, and battle against mobile gaming, they’re currently the only option for a proper hand-held console. That reign of power, though, is finally being challenged, not by Microsoft or a returning Sony but rather by Valve, the dominant force in PC gaming. A company with plenty of resources to throw at any project it fancies, stepping into the market and trying to expand PC gaming in a whole new way. Valve are aiming to do something dramatic, something big and something very exciting. Can it succeed?

Starting at £349 for the 64GB version the badly named Steam Deck is going to launch in December of this year and is packing some serious hardware for the cost. A 7″ touchscreen, Bluetooth support, two analogue sticks, a D-pad, face buttons, two touch pads, shoulder buttons and four rear buttons make…

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