Boss Rush Banter: What Level Of Realism Is Too Much In Games?

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Sweat dripping from a human head. Water pouring down a mountain. An expensive car driving around an open road. A smile from a photo that looks attainable. These descriptions highlight the principle of realism in video games. Something so graphical that you would think it a video taken in real time by an actual human; but in fact, it was designed on a computer with limitless software. As Sony, Microsoft, and other massive companies are trying to achieve this sort of realism when you play, there is a level that might seem a bit extreme.

Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, due out in 2022 | PCGamesN

We know games are for escapism.They are supposed to provide some entertainment, fun, and at times, relaxing. With that being said, not all games were designed to be that way. In some way, the level of realism isn’t about the graphical nature of the game, but the subject the game is built around. 

After the…

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