The Yellow Fane in Ruins

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Yellow Fane in Ruins (300dpi)

The underworld of Béy Su contains many old temples and other structures that are no longer connected to the world above. The Yellow Fane once sat beneath the shrine of Qón in Béy Su – a garden temple reminiscent of the Garden of Artékh in Thráya. But that shrine is ancient memory now, and government buildings now loom over the space that was once used to watch the movements of the celestial bodies. The “new” shrine of Qón in the city is mostly a small library attached to the impressive temple of Lord Belkhánu. Within the library are a few sets of shelves archiving the activities and research of The Guild of those Who Repel the Dark – a group that can be best described as demon hunters and exorcists – a militant group of sorcerers who seem out of place in a cult…

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