My Night with a D&D Murder Mystery One shot

The Nerdd

I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, and I am often the Dungeon Master, or the referee of the game. Because of this, I am constantly trying new things, gaining new experiences, trying to become a better DM. Here is what I learned from my latest experiment.

I ran a D&D Murder Mystery One Shot. Murder on the Eberron Express, by Orla ni Dhuill, is a short adventure you can get on for $6.95 as a PDF (this article is not sponsored). I ran the game recently, and I have some thoughts on the adventure itself, and murder mysteries in D&D in general.

Murder on the Eberron Express

Murder on the Eberron Express - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters  Guild

The game premise is pretty simple. I’m going to give some slight background for those of you not familiar with the Eberron setting, as well as some basic information on the adventure.

Eberron is a steampunk-like high magic…

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