Boss Rush Banter: What Popular Game Do You Dislike?

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I always feel weird when there is something that everyone praises, but I feel much differently. It generally makes me feel as if I were wrong in myfirstinterpretation of said product. In most cases, I always give these products a second chance. For example, when I first playedGears of War, I was not into it, sure the game had great graphics and the gameplay was smooth, but it just didn’t click with me. In fact, I bought the game on day one, then traded it in the next day. Do you know what the sales assistant said to me? “You are trading this in?” As if I was wrong for not liking a game that everyone else had enjoyed.

The Last of Us Remastered

However, I did try the game again and grew to love it, but thisisn’tthe case all the time; sometimes no matter what, there is…

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