Retreat of the Vagabond Watch

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Vagabond Watch are a small underdark Slaadi mercenary force that works for a few Drow houses. Two red, a blue, and a green slaad form the nucleus of the Vagabond Watch, along with a few affiliated underdark residents who provide intelligence and serve as go-betweens (since a squad of Slaad do stick out walking through town just about anywhere outside of Limbo).

When situations go pear-shaped, or the watch needs to keep a low profile (or they are protecting something or someone), this is their bolt-hole. A small set of caves at the bottom of a small ravine in a larger underdark cave – this area was once the home of an insular group of derro who cut out regular chambers from the small caves but then gave it up when the watch came knocking.

Retreat of the Vagabond Watch

The Vagabond Watch has cultivated an albino yellow musk…

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