Consoles • Old vs New


There’s something special about a brand new console, and for me that feeling remains until the next console takes its place. My newest/current consoles have always been treated as royalty.

When handling my latest consoles I always find a responsible and safe way to transport them. I carefully pick them up, and carry them gently, with two hands. When it’s a last gen or an older console I may just toss it into a backpack and be on my way. There’s no time to clean it. It becomes a relic of good old times. It’s like this used to be worth $400 and now it’s worth $5.

I remember back in the day, my NES and SNES were un-moveable supercomputers — in my mind. They lived in one spot in the house and if they had to be moved, that would be done with the utmost degree of care. Today…

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