Stepping Lake Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Near the ruins of the lost drow city of Ched Nasad is a foul bubbling cauldron commonly known as the Stepping Lake. This was once a small side access to Ched Nasad that most reasonable people avoided because of the foul bubbling fluids, but with the destruction of the city it is currently one of the few ways for treasure hunters to get there without running afoul of patrols and guards.

Stepping Lake Cave (300 dpi)
Stepping Lake Cave (300 dpi)

The small lake in this high-vaulted cave is both poisonous and acidic covered in a yellow frothy scum. Crossing the lake involves hopping along a series of stones that were magically pulled up from the bottom of the cauldron by previous travellers. Of course, a tricky GM could replace one or more of the stones with a mimic, a giant snapping turtle, an angry giant hermit crab, a galeb duhr, a black pudding, or…

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