Hell’s Rebels #41: A Lightly-Guarded Fort

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters of our tale, the party infiltrated the Temple of Asmodeus to steal diamonds needed to resurrect Narkwood, who came with reinvigorated and blond. They traveled to nearby Vyre to secure the support, or at least neutrality, from its powerful Queen of Delights, and commandeered the teleporting services of the wizard of Lucian Thrune, commander of the crucial Menador Pass. The party teleports to the Pass and its fort, hoping to collapse the place and block Cheliax’s land access to Kintargo. –GM

15th of Arodus, 4715 AR

The party teleported to Menador Keep

After spending months in the clamor and bustle of Kintargo, the quiet mountains surrounding Menador Keep were quite refreshing. Perhaps I would have stayed here for a while, but alas, we were on a time-sensitive mission. The keep needed to be destroyed, the pass blocked off before the Chelish reinforcements could arrive.

“Stop here,”…

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