Abomination Vaults #5: The Heroics of Trahz Gorlock, Pt. 5

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

After having found an abandoned boat connected to some of the locals, the party explored more of the ground level of the Gauntlight. –GM

19th of Sarenith, 4721 AR

Trahz Gorlock

We arrive near the lighthouse, having seen the same sign on the boats in the water as the criminals in the Crow’s Nest. Clearly this is some kind of illegal drug ring. Quincy, the pinko warlock, runs to look for valuables rather than march on the lighthouse. The mighty Trahz Gorlock leads his company into the lighthouse, and through the door to the pile of rubble. 

“Come!” barks the indomitable Trahz Gorlock to his slow-footed companions. “We must find the secret of this lighthouse!” Another pinko, Beldon Heartsbane, leads his fellow weaklings to a different door, and since they need his protection the strapping Trahz Gorlock follows them. A few rocks block the door which none of…

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