Boss Rush Banter: What Was Your Go-To Road Trip Game Growing Up?

The Boss Rush Network

Imagine with me for a moment–it is 1997. Your parents’ station wagon is all packed up. Your mom left strategic lights on around the house, and your dad left the radio on his favorite station to make it look and sound like the house is inhabited. Both of your parents seem stressed and not like they are about to embark on a fun family vacation, but you have everything you need right next to you in the space between you and your sister–your Gameboy, a few games, the latest Animorphs book, and some snacks. Your dad starts the car and the road trip begins as you reach in your carrying case and pull out a game to start playing while you have precious daylight to illuminate your screen. Sure, road trips are probably a little different these days, but back in the day when options were limited, what was your…

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