Flamerule Caverns & The Onyx Charm

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Flamerule Caverns are three cave entrances at different elevations on a rough hillside about a day’s travel northwest of the city, near the coast. The caverns lead deeper underground, but the real point of interest currently is the three devil swine and their charmed bandits that are using it as a hideout until their githyanki contacts show up to retrieve the Onyx Charm (a unique but relatively minor magical artifact) they have stolen. The bandits and devil swine are using the structure and small cavern at the northeastern end of the caverns as their base until their employers show up to get the charm. Of the three swine, one prefers to remain in hog form at all times and there’s a 50% chance that one of the others will be in hog form also (especially important if there should be a daylight raid on the caverns, as they cannot…

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