The state of Moba on consoles


The MOBA (or Multiplayer online battle arena) genre has always been a strange one to me. I’ve been aware of DOTA2 and the crazy amounts of money it makes but never really felt the urge to spend a large amount of time playing any of the big hits. MOBA games can be defined as any online multiplayer battle game but the term is more synonymous with being a cross between Action, Strategy and RPG where you’ll fight Ai minions, level up and attack other players to eventually reach a goal (typically destroying towers along the way) Each game tends to take a while and there’s a lot of teamwork involved so pairing with random people is a mixed bag of great fun and pure toxicity. I’ve enjoyed the occasional dip into Heroes of the Storm on PC. This was Blizzard’s half-assed attempt at the genre but it was…

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