My 20 Favorite Animal Companions In Games

Legacy of Games

Video games take us on all manner of wild adventures, but what is an adventurer without trusty companions at their side? Many a hero’s journey would’ve been doomed if it wasn’t for a loyal steed, a comforting pet, or a ferocious animal sidekick. Stian challenged me to list my favorite animal companions in games and I decided to take that challenge (too) seriously.

Here are the rules I set for myself:

  • These have to be non-playable animal characters that the player closely interacts with.
  • No purely fantastical creatures, unless they are wholly based on a real-world animal (i.e. a talking cat, a ghost, or a made-up breed)
  • Anthropomorphic characters are excluded because they are more human than animal.

Let’s go!

Dog – Dragon Age: Origins

Though I am more of a cat person myself, the dog from Dragon Age: Origins was the first entry that came to mind while brainstorming…

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