2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is underrated.

Grumpy Wizard

I started playing the game in 1987. My first experiences were with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, or 1E as many call it. I was immediately hooked. The only D&D book I owned at that time was the Advanced D&D Players Handbook. I didn’t have the money to buy anything else. I tried to expand my collection by asking my grandma for a Dungeon Master’s Guide as a birthday present. She realized what I was playing, the Satanic Panic kicked in, and I was denied.

As I entered high school, the 2nd edition was released. Since I only owned one 1E book, I figured I might as well pick up the 2E stuff. My excruciatingly slow accumulation of game books began. Once I was 16, I acquired a driver’s license and was able drive 15 minutes to the closest place part time work that was readily available. I slopped…

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