Fists of the Ruby Phoenix #3: A Roof Over Our Heads

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In the missing first two chapters of our story, our heroes had escaped prison and were continually on the run, and have joined the worldwide Ruby Phoenix Tournament to obtain immunity from law-enforcement agencies. They are now one of 32 teams who must compete to be the first eight teams to gather a phoenix necklace and 10 silver feathers on “Danger Island.” They begin to clear out their home base, an ancient temple to Irori. The party’s hobgoblin fighter tells their story. –GM

8th of Erastus, 4721 AR

There was nothing in this room that suggested any danger. Just some sticks of incense and metal bowls with rods in them. Maybe this is where the monks used to go to meditate, cool off, relax after a long day of karate. Surely there would be no ghosts in here.

Alas, I was sorely mistaken. As soon as I stepped into the…

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