Boss Rush Bucket List Week 5: Leveling Up with the Best RPGs, Part I

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Welcome to week five of theBoss Rush Bucket List! The writing staff at Boss Rush has curated a list of the top 50 games released since 2014 that are a must-play. Five games surrounding a genre or theme will be featured every Friday at 10a.m. until September 3rd. The fifth game of each article will count down the top ten, so stick with us to find out which title is our number one recommended game!

RPGs are a fan-favorite genre in the gaming community. Here are some top-tier RPGs to level up on!


By: Block

Developer: FromSoftware. Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: 03/24/2015. Platform(s): PS4

Bloodbornein three words: Brutal, gothic nightmare.

Few games have defined the past decade as the Dark Souls franchise, but spiritual spin-off Bloodborne comes extremely close. Bloodborne does much to distance itself from its genre sibling, trading the…

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