Thoughts on the upcoming mini expansion

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During Corodvan’s live stream on Wednesday he showed us the trailer and editions for the upcoming mini expansion Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh that is currently planned to be released next Wednesday. Note, this post is divided in pages, click on page 2 and 3 to read more.

When the mini expansion was announced in the producer’s letter earlier this year my thoughts were “I don’t want any more cosmetics that a fill up my inventory on char creation, and I don’t want to pay for yet another disappointing teleport item”. Both sharn and feywild teleport items were a disappointment to me.

Let’s have a look at what the editions offer. All 3 editions of course give you the content. They also give you monster manual 8 and epic destiny access. Epic destinies have been included in all expansions so far, so if you’ve bought any expansion from the ddo market…

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