Boss Rush Banter: Should You Boycott Activision Blizzard?

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In the past, when you heard Activision Blizzard, you’d probably think of their amazing creations such as Prototype, the Skylander series, the Marvel Ultimate series, and the Diablo series–only name a few. These days, however, if you type in Activision Blizzard in Google, you’ll most likely find stories of sexual harassment, lawsuits, and the disgusting term “frat boy” culture littered across the screen. Many things have been revealed this past week about the behind scenes dealings with workplace, including tons of mistreatment of women who make up about over 20% of the staff.

There were several cases of sexual harassment and discrimination against women including women of color, transgender, and other marginalized groups as seen with unfair wages, lack of promotions, and management enabling sick behavior such as a drunken “cube crawl”–where spaces connected to cubicles allowed for men to drink excessive amounts of alcohol while performing lewd…

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