Portable game systems — an idea past its prime?

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One weird thing about having a long-running blog is that you end up making embarrassing proclamations in the past, such as not really understanding the appeal of tablets. When the iPad came on the scene, I *really* didn’t get it, but gradually over the years I’ve come to appreciate these portable computers.

Still, my all-in-one phone servers my purpose for most stuff. While I don’t miss having to lug around sixteen different devices for various purposes, I have been re-examining the appeal of single-purpose gadgets in the modern era. Not too long ago I got an iPod Classic and enjoyed only putting music on that, and now I’m wondering if it might be the same for games.

Portable gaming seems to be on the rise, especially with tablets and the Nintendo Switch all over the place. Recently, Steam unveiled the Steam Deck as a portable computer that supposedly can play…

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