Fists of the Ruby Phoenix #4: Beachhead

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party continues to search the temple of Irori for more secrets and loot. –GM

8th of Erastus, 4721 AR


From the pages of the Ysoki Liberation Army Bi-Monthly Informational Manifest:

Operation Ruby Phoenix Gambit is going well. Our initial battles against the temporary foes of the inevitable revolution have gone well! Recently we’ve been working to clear the temple that is to serve as our base of operations on the island, and our recent battles and encounters have gone… interestingly. 

We first faced off against a massive horde of ticks, one of them in particular seeming deeply prejudiced against all ratfolk-kind! The bombs of yours truly brought justice to the insectoid oppressors, burning them by the thousands with the pent-up fury of our people.

Pow! Pow!

We met, too, a small fey called an anugobu. Ahmitar proved to be a useful collaborator to the eventual cause of ysoki…

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